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[Info]Guess who's back ?

Posted by ORGANNER on 2014.09.08 | Views: 10033

We are pleased to announce the official return of, we apologise for the delay and appreciate your loyal commitment and guarantee that the wait will have been worth it.

We recently released Immunity 9 Series (CS/CSS/CSGO) to a group of BETA Testers and the initial tests have gone very well, we will now open up a few more slots for existing subscribers to allow any final bugs to be ironed out before unleashing upon the world. This will last two weeks as promised so it won't be long now.

We have now launched our brand new members panel, the panel has been completely re-designed and you can see a screenshot below;

The members panel allows for complete customisation of your subscription, software, licenses and more including a timeline that will give you the latest updates as and when they happen so you are always upto speed on our progress and future plans.

In addition to the above, the members panel now supports online configuration building for all our products, the configuration builder allows you to completely customise your product and load the changes in real-time removing the need for system level configuration files residing on your machine. This is a revolutionary feature available only at

Existing subscribers will receive compensation for the downtime in the form of subscription time, this will be confirmed on a user by user basis when we officially open sales in a couple of weeks.

As a final note, Hardware Hack has also been primarily tested in recent weeks and the development of this is running very smoothly. This jaw dropping product will come shortly after Immunity 8 Series / Framework Upgrade / Chameleon Upgrade however due to the complexity of this amazing product it will only be available to limited subscribers however we are confident that Immunity will satisfy everyones taste buds.

Again, we appreciate your continued support and will soon regain our title as the Number 1 provider of premium cheat software.

Best Regards,

[Info]New Payment Options

Posted by ORGANNER on 2013.03.09 | Views: 308361

Dear ORGANNER.PL users,

We are pleased to announce new payment methods which are now available in our shop. This is just a beginning and soon there will be even more payment options.


[Release]Project Chameleon

Posted by ORGANNER on 2012.11.25 | Views: 64856

Dear ORGANNER.PL users,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new groundbreaking tool named Chameleon Hardware Spoofer, this tool supports all HDD (IDE, SATA, SSD, SCSI, USB) and Network Adaptor types (PCI Wireless/LAN, Onboard Wireless/LAN on all popular Windows versions.
Chameleon Hardware Spoofer has been in high demand for a long time as we are not aware of any other similar product available in the public sector, we can finally provide a reliable solution to evade hardware bans without purchasing new hardware.

All existing subscribers to which this tool was promised will be able to obtain free access and will also become available shortly to those wishing to purchase this amazing tool.

Further information is available here;

Chameleon! Camouflage your identity today!



[Info]Call Of Duty Framework 8 & 9

Posted by ORGANNER on 2012.11.23 | Views: 34953

Dear ORGANNER.PL users,

We are pleased to announce in December we will release new Frameworks for COD 8 & 9, we will then continue working on a major uplift to all existing COD Framework series (4,6,7) which will contain new features and bug fixes.

After the uplift period of the COD Framework series, we will upgrade ALL Framework series to v3 which will include new anticheat bypasses and a half way port to supporting x64 bit systems which is a major development for ORGANNER.PL!

The future is bright, the future is ORGANNER.PL